Telangana State Heat Wave Portal

About Us

            The Government of Telangana, in recognition of disaster management as a subject of high importance, has established the Disaster Management Wing under the Revenue Department. The vision of the Disaster Management Wing is to build a safe and disaster resilient state through a comprehensive, pro-active, sustainable and technology driven strategy that is highly inclusive of all the stakeholders and builds a culture of caution, preparedness and mitigation. The Disaster Management Wing of Telangana functions with the objective to coordinate the enforcement and implementation of steps pertaining to precaution, prevention and mitigation,implement measures for capacity building and lay down policies and guidelines for effective disaster management. In its efforts to maximize the utilization of Information Technology in disaster management, the Disaster Management Wing, Revenue Department, the ITE&C Department of Government of Telangana and National Council of Geo-Informatics (Meity) have jointly constructed the Heat Wave Portal, one of the many initiatives that are in the pipeline. The Government, through appropriate usage of data and prediction models, aims to provide the right information at the right time to the citizens and ensure the safety and well-being of the public.